Cognition Kit

Measuring cognition in everyday life

Cognition Kit is a platform for measuring real-world cognitive health, enabling researchers to gather better data and clinicians to make better treatment decisions.

What it does

Cognition Kit is a collection of cognitive tests that anyone can use on their own smartphone and smartwatch. Each test can be used frequently – up to several times each day – allowing a detailed picture of cognition to be recorded over hours, days, weeks and months.

Real-world cognition

Cognition Kit is designed to measure cognition in the real world rather than the clinic. Our tests fit into everyday life and can be used between meetings, while walking the dog or just before bed.

No lab-coats required

Cognition Kit requires no expert supervision, saving time for researchers and clinicians and eliminating the white-coat effect.

High-frequency measurement

Measuring cognition several times a day, Cognition Kit captures daily fluctuations which would otherwise fall through the net.

Built on gold-standard science

Cognition Kit tests are validated against the CANTAB battery - the gold standard in cognitive testing, backed with over 30 years of peer-reviewed evidence.

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Use cases

For researchers

  • To evaluate the effect of a clinical intervention on cognition
  • As a complimentary endpoint for other cognitive tests in your study
  • To improve the engagement of participants in your studies

For health care providers

  • Monitor the cognition of your patients in real time
  • Use the data to inform treatment decisions
  • Include the patient in the treatment decisions

How it Works

Option1: Add Cognition Kit to your own healthcare or research app

If you are building an app to support your patients or research participants, you can use our SDK to add Cognition Kit tests to your iOS, watchOS and Android apps.

Option 2: Use our Cognition Kit service

Let us manage the process of configuring and distributing Cognition Kit tests to your patients or research participants. We’ll deploy a customised app to the app stores.


Cognition Kit tests are available on iOS, watchOS and Android

All data is stored on our HIPAA Compliant servers.

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