Measuring cognition in everyday life Cognition Kit tests measure cognition in the real world, enabling researchers to gather better data and clinicians to make better treatment decisions. Cognition Kit creates and validates cognitive tests that can be used on patient smartphones, tablets, smartwatches or web browsers. Each test can be completed in less than two minutes, supporting frequent, regular testing and building a rich picture of cognition. Find out more
How it works Fluctuations in different facets of cognition can be measured by administering tasks that isolate specific cognitive functions. The Cognition Kit tests have been designed to support quick and frequent assessment of cognitive domains and thus help build a rich picture of cognitive health over time.
Who are Cognition Kit tests for? Cognition Kit tests have been designed, built and validated specifically for use within clinical trials, academia and healthcare. Our aim is to foster an accurate and validated view of cognition to be used as an outcome measure / end point within a clinical study, or in support of a healthcare pathway.
For Clinical Trials Cognition Kit tests are used in early, phase II, phase III and real-world studies - as either a primary or exploratory endpoint. This includes research on the effects of interventions on cognitive ability in CNS conditions and mental health, as well as in other areas in which cognitive impairment may be a side effect of treatment.
For Healthcare Healthcare teams have historically not been able to monitor patient cognition with sufficient frequency and accuracy. Cognition Kit tests can build a view of cognition that both patients and care teams can see in real time, thus helping inform clinical decisions and support shared decision-making.
For Academia Cognition Kit tests can be used to remotely collect cognitive data in academic research, for example to study or monitor fluctuations in functions like working memory, attention and visuospatial processing. We also collaborate with academics to build and validate new Cognition Kit tests against clinical assessments.
Work with us Interested in using a Cognition Kit test? We licence our tests for use in clinical trials, healthcare, and academia, and we are always looking for collaborators to build and validate Cognition Kit tests in different contexts.

Find out more about how to work with us and get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.
Interested in working with us? We’d love to hear from you.
Cognition Kit is a joint venture between Ctrl Group and Cambridge Cognition
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